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Geography Overview

Fiji is ideally located in the tropics of the southern hemisphere. It lies on the 180 Meridian where the dawning of each new day occurs.

Area Covered:
Latitude: 12-21S and
Longitude: 176E-178W.

The two major islands in the group are known as Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

Over 300 islands make the Fiji group of islands with a total land area of just 18,272 square kilometers. Of the 300 islands, only a 100 or so islands are inhabited by humans and the rest are left as nature reserves.

Almost 80 percent of the population live on these two islands. Still the majority of the population live in the rural areas and the outer islands. Only about 40 percent of the population live in urban areas.

Population: 775,077*
Major Towns*
Greater Suva

* 1996 Census


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