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The electrical current in Fiji is 240 volts AC 50 Hz. Fiji has three pin power outlets identical to Australia and New Zealand. If your applications are 110v check for a 110/240v switch; if there is none you will need a voltage converter. Leading hotels and resorts offer universal outlets for 240v or 110v shavers, hair dryers, etc.

Postal & Telephone Service

Post offices are open 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday except in Suva where it closes at 4:30pm. Of course, our phone service is modern with direct or operator-assisted dialling

Flying Times

From the U.S., remember you will be crossing the International Dateline which means you will lose a day on your way ti Fiji and get it back upon returning to the U.S.

From Los Angeles:
10 hours non-stop
13 hours direct with stop in Honolulu

From Brisbane:
3 hours

From Melbourne:
4.5 hours

From Sydney:
3.5 hours


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