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Bob and Loretta Erickson
June 26,


We just arrived home from Namale and wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for your help in making our trip and stay perfect!!! The accommodation as well as the staff at the resort were well beyond our expectation and we were very pleased. We will recommend Namale as well as your services to several friends and we plan on returning in a couple of years. thanks again for all your help.

Tokoriki Island Resort – Sept.

Hi Teresa,

Fiji was spectacular! Thank you so much! We had an absolutely FABULOUS time!!!

Outrigger was great, but Tokiriki was absolutely SPECTACULAR. I loved it so much, I never wanted to leave. I do have to say I am very glad we went to Outrigger first because it would have been disappointing after Tokiriki, Tokiriki was just a million times more fun. I just loved everything about Fiji and I even cried when we left, I just didn't want to go. We had a spectacular time and thank you so much for putting together the perfect honeymoon.

David & Jen

Malolo Island Resort – Sept.


It was the most relaxing week of our lives. We had the most wonderful time, and wedding the wedding at Malolo Island Resort, and now because we had such a great time... we are expecting a child! I have to thank you again for all the work you did in setting this up for us.

Here is a photo of our wedding! It was so perfect. Everyone there was so nice. Thank you for arranging it for us .

Scott & Jen MacFarland

Yasawa Island Resort October


Yasawa was a magical experience. There is no way to put on a brochure exactly what that place is. We absolutely loved it! The people who work at that resort really make the experience a special one. We made tons of friends there both with staff and with guests. The guests that were there when we first arrived made the place seem like home. It was so fun to laugh and have fun with those people. We were the only Americans for a while, which was fun. I did five dives while I was there and would recommend you suggest anyone who dives to take advantage. The song they sing to you when you depart gave both of us some kind of weird wet eye reaction, one we had not experienced the entire time we were there!

Vinaka Vakelevu!

Mary Elizabeth and Greg


Cousteau Island Resort – October

We had an incredible time starting the week prior to our wedding all the way through our honeymoon. Fiji was fantastic - what an experience!! Vinson and I took advantage of every moment and every activity the Cousteau Resort had to offer. We hiked, went to town, went to a village, had lunch on a private island, went on a fishing trip, had a romantic - private dinner on the pier etc…. And our biggest activity, we got certified in open water diving (this was quite an experience seeing as prior to Fiji I wouldn't even snorkel!!)

Vinson & Tricia

Yasawa Island Resort – October

Bula Teresa,

We had the most amazing time we could imagine!!! Yasawa was amazing in every way, the water was so beautiful, the air was so clean, the beaches so soft and the best surprise of all was the people, the nicest most sincere people in the world!!! We could not get over and still haven't how genuinely wonderful they are, what an amazing culture and spirit they have in Fiji! I guess this is the best way I could sum it up...we had very high expectations and they were exceeded beyond what we could imagine!!! :) Thank you so much for the careful planning and the follow up and follow thru to make sure our honeymoon was everything it should be. We can't wait to save enough money to go back again someday. Also I have been passing your name to several people I know, some are newlyweds to be and some are just travelers looking for the next great vacation.




Sheraton Fiji Resort & Outrigger Reef Resort – November


We had a great time and really enjoyed Fiji. Our trip was great. We bought an acre on Koro Island.

Thanks for making our trip a success!

Mary & David



Just a quick note to thank you for picking Qamea for our latest vacation. A place we will definately return to in the near future. Everything was fabulous, the staff, food, accommodations and the diving. Linda had massages every day.

John and Linda

Tokoriki Island Resort & Maravu Plantation – November


Truly a "honey moon" and seeing two islands was perfect, they are so different we fell in love with Fiji people they are so joyous in spirit and sincere. We snorkeled every day and we it was a first for both of us. We are fish. What beauty and fun in a beautiful place. Honeymoon island is where we spelled our names and thanks to you on the beach in shells.


Gerald & Millicent


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